Wednesday, 11 August 2021

Credibility Gap

Until yesterday, no one cared about the gap in exam results between, on the one hand, those whose parents could afford private tuition, whose schools had the clout to have exams "remarked" within an hour, and so on, and, on the other hand, everyone else. The former's teachers are paid handsomely to deliver A* and A grades, and this year all they had to do was award them themselves. So they did. Money for old rope.

As for the Labour Party's claim that it was more interested in the 94 per cent of pupils at state schools than in the six per cent elsewhere, in 2020 as in 1994 it gave its Leadership to the only available public schoolboy simply because he was the only available public schoolboy. But it is in the running of state schools that the Liberal Establishment in academia and the media meets the right-wing Labour machine in local government. That is not a point in favour of those schools.

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