Sunday, 15 August 2021

Mutiny On The Buses

Yesterday, along with several others, I waited for two timetabled buses that simply never came. County Durham is still labouring under the legacy of the Worst Council Ever.

The new ruling coalition ought to revisit the DLI Museum, the injustice against the Teaching Assistants, and the old regime's pathological, Thatcherite hatred of the public transport on which some of us were dependent due to disability.

At the very least, all bus services that had been lost since May 2008 ought to be restored, and there ought to be action to address the situation, which boggles the minds of visitors from other parts of the country, that the older person's bus pass did not give free travel until the middle of the morning.

Yet the old Council did manage to find the money to build a bus-stop where, thanks to that same Council, there was no longer any bus service whatever.

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