Saturday 17 November 2018

The Necessary Support

Referring to me, a friendly Twitter account posts:

.@TAs_Durham, do you stand with Alex Watson and Davey Ayre behind this candidate, who did a hell of a lot for you and is still paying the price at Henig's hands? Or do you back a sitting MP who did sod all for you and whose Political Advisor sold you out?


The treatment of the County Durham Teaching Assistants made it impossible for me to vote Labour either for the County Council or for the House of Commons in 2017. For the record, I voted for myself and an Independent for the Council, and I voted for the Teaching Assistants’ Liberal Democrat champion, Owen Temple, for Parliament.

The price of my support for any Government in the coming hung Parliament would be the necessary support for a number of projects in each of the former District Wards equal to the former number of District Councillors, together with justice for the 472 Teaching Assistants whose pay Durham County Council had cut by 23 per cent, and together with the implementation of the plan for the rail service in the North of England that was recently advanced by well over 20 local and regional newspapers, most of which have never supported Labour, and only one of which did so last year.

And yes, I do mean the price of my support for any Government. Even a Government that was headed by Jeremy Corbyn.

The present MP for North West Durham has appointed as her Political Advisor the man whose political advice led the Teaching Assistants to their present predicament. But it has become a local commonplace that I am on 30-30 with her and the Conservatives, so that any one of us could be the First Past the Post.

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