Friday, 11 May 2018

The Widening Gulf

If the Gulf monarchies are now allied to Israel, and to hell with the Palestinians, then no change there. The Gulf monarchies have never done a damn thing for the Palestinians, whom, in their own Insular Peninsula way, they regard as not proper Arabs at all, but merely as people who adopted the language when some, but not all, of them adopted Islam. 

This can be most striking in Jordan, where a transplanted and essentially exiled Hashemite elite lords it over what that elite's members regard as a horde of half-bred converts and unconverts. But they are all like that. It is just that only in Jordan do they have to rule over a Palestinian population.

It will hardly constitute any change at all for the Sunni crowned heads to fight alongside Israel against Iran and its allies in such frightful centres of half-breeding, conversion and unconversion as Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. The only wonder is that it has taken this long for it to happen.

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