Friday, 11 May 2018

Grammar Technical

£50 million. Sounds a lot, doesn't it? But it is only 10, or at most 12, times the budget to pay the staff for one year at a medium-sized comprehensive school. And it is to be spread across the existing grammar schools, of which there are 164. Moreover, there is absolutely no suggestion of any more of those institutions.

The Government is touchingly still pretending that the free schools project is a thing. But that is a piece of decoration. When it comes to Catholic schools, the message is that there never was a cap on admitting Catholics if you were a plain, old Voluntary Aided school, so you should just become one of those. Quite.

The plain, old Catholic Voluntary Aided schools that had local authority representatives on their Governing Bodies (I was one) right up until everyone was made to stop having them, and which would have them again given the choice. The plain, old Catholic Voluntary Aided schools that turn out Labour voters like factories, and they are staffed by people whom only the Holy, Consett and Irish Faith, or its variations in other and rather similar parts of the country, kept Labour at all when they were students, since without that they would have joined the Communist Party or the Trotskyist organisation of the moment.

We have won.

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