Tuesday, 8 May 2018

First In The Field

Councillor Sakina Sheikh has already declared her desire to succeed Heidi Alexander at Lewisham East, and she looks right, not based on her sex or her ethnicity, but based on her political opinions and her existing local base.

Meanwhile, however, Marc Wadsworth needs to make it clear that, right there on the South East London home turf of the Stephen Lawrence campaign, he would contest the seat if Labour nominated instead someone in the mould of the 50 white Labour MPs who had never heard of him except as the victim of their lynch mob.

Apparently, Ruth Smeeth used to work for Hope Not Hate, the clothing range. Well, if she and it had no idea who Marc was, or why he mattered, then that is evidently all that it is.

Anyway, Sakina Sheikh for Lewisham East, if Labour nominates her. If it doesn't, then Marc Wadsworth for Lewisham East.

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