Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Dispense With The Niceties

Today, the Editor the Jewish Chronicle did more for the people of Gaza than could be mustered by the crowned heads of the Gulf and by "Labour Friends of Israel" put together. And no one was remotely surprised.

Emily Thornberry's fulsome condemnation of Israel over recent and ongoing events needs to be tabled as a motion before the House of Commons, and put to the vote. That would smoke them all out. Hamas, by the way, is a Frankenstein's monster, initially created by Shin Bet in order to provide a rival to Fatah. Yet another Islamist organisation created to destroy secular nationalism. How has that ever worked out? Yet we are still at it, notably in Syria.

Dispensationalism is a recent and unlettered form of Evangelical Protestantism, popular in the United States but of Irish origin, which identifies the State of Israel as the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy. It needs to be exposed as wanting all the Jews to move to Israel before they either converted or were killed as a prelude to the Second Coming. Such is the position of those who are cheering on Donald Trump this week.

And while the late Ian Paisley was deliberately vague on the End Times, so that both his church and his party could encompass the wide variety of beliefs on the subject among his target congregants and voters, nevertheless such is the position of some, though by no means all, members of the Democratic Unionist Party. Including in the House of Commons, where the Government depends upon them for confidence and supply.

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