Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Trash Needs To Take Itself Out

The nominally Labour Leader of Birmingham City Council has resigned over his treatment of the binmen, which has seen him disowned by the wider Labour Movement and shamed by the Opposition.

When will the nominally Labour Leader of Durham County Council resign over his treatment of the Teaching Assistants, which has seen him disowned by the wider Labour Movement, including Jeremy Corbyn, and shamed by the Opposition for a period that has now lasted longer than the Miners' Strike?


  1. Pidcock is trying to sell herself as a fighter for the TAs. She walked out of their rally and when she was a Northumberland councillor she voted for £36 million of cuts. You should still be the MP for this seat. We haven't given up hope and neither should you.

    1. Sad to say, the man who talked them out of what would have been the highly effective strategy of voting against all Labour candidates without exception, and then dealing with whatever was the result, is now the Political Advisor to Laura Pidcock. If they had listened to us instead of to him, then they would already have won by now.