Friday, 8 September 2017

Grabber Granny

From the EU (Withdrawal) Bill that Tony Benn would have opposed, to the jaw-dropping attempt by a party without an overall majority in the House of Commons to claim a majority on the committees of the House, Theresa May's power-grabbing tendencies are showing again.

Despite the fact that her party did at that time have an overall majority and therefore still won all the divisions, she called a General Election because MPs from other parties were daring to vote against her even in the full knowledge that they were not going to defeat her. Had she gained the three-figure majority that she had anticipated, then would she have expected them to stop? Apparently so. And now, this.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives, and the similarly megalomaniacal SNP, had a dreadful night last night as a bumper crop of local by-election results came in.

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