Friday, 29 September 2017

Not Cricket

Yesterday, Rona Fairhead was made a Conservative member of the House of Lords, and a Minister of State in the Department for International Trade. Until this year, she chaired the supposedly impartial BBC Trust. Before that, she chaired the audit committee of HSBC, which signed off that bank's laundering of money on behalf of Mexican drug cartels. 

Yesterday, exactly which stories were bigger than that? The drunken doings of some cricketer, apparently. And political protests at American football games, which were not only reported in Britain as major news, but reported without reference to Donald Trump's long-running feud with the NFL. Google the USFL, if you need to.

But first, Google Rona Fairhead. Reporters, researchers, producers and editors at the BBC, ITN and Sky News, Google Rona Fairhead. You obviously do need to.

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