Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Bear-Faced Cheek

With nothing else to do, the preposterous Michael Fallon has decided to bore on about Jeremy Corbyn and NATO.

If you really believed in national sovereignty, then you would want out of NATO. Moreover, it revolves around the Islamist regime in Turkey. Why would you want to defend that? Or wage an aggressive war on its behalf? Russia, on the other hand, is leading the war against IS. And winning it, I am pleased to say.

In any case, everyone in Russia and in the West knows that nowhere in the West really would go to war to defend whichever countries in Eastern Europe had been told that they were now in this wretched thing. More fools them for believing it. If they do.

Fallon? A man who once lost his seat to Alan Milburn? Fallon lied through his teeth to Parliament when a Trident was accidentally fired at Florida, and he has never had a job outside politics. His faux-gentry, faux-officer Patronising Tory Voice can sod right off.

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