Thursday, 24 April 2014

Veiled Threat

I wish every success to any Muslim women who seek to restrain their male relatives from becoming jihadi in Syria.

But remember, by so becoming, those Muslim menfolk would have been going to fight for the side in support of which the Government had wanted to deploy their mostly non-Muslim, and their otherwise "moderate Muslim", classmates, workmates, team-mates, and so on.

Until that Government was itself restrained by the somewhat unfashionable, but rather successful, figures of Vladimir Putin and Ed Miliband.

Also, notice the motivation cited by the boys moved to head for Syria: the scenes shown on the television news in Britain. Exactly the same as David Cameron's at least ostensible motivation was, and exactly the one that he cited in Parliament and to the public.


  1. Astute observations - and from Lanchester as well. Give my regards to the King's Head.

  2. Interesting observation ... from lanchester! Give my regards to the King's Head