Monday, 15 April 2013

When Right Looks In The Mirror

It sees itself as Left.

The explosion of venom over the death of Margaret Thatcher is by definition a one-off. Whereas the comments on Telegraph Blogs, increasingly on Coffee House, and especially on Guido Fawkes, are like that all the time. The spewing, impotent rage of those who have not won a comfortable majority since so long ago that their then Leader has now died of sheer old age.

Limitless public funds are available to continue to pay bonuses at the top of loss-making banks, or to wage wars against countries chosen at random by foreign powers on which see below, or to bury Margaret Thatcher. People who might protest at that last, tastelessly but within their rights, are being pre-emptively arrested. The Bullingdon Club rules.

There is no doubt which side is waging a class war in Britain today. The only side in a position to do so, which makes it a decidedly one-sided war. The ignoring of lived reality in favour of basically mad economic theory is abundantly apparent in the Coalition's attempt to cut us out of a recession. The Right now actively does not want to exist outside the non-metropolitan South East, defining itself by its hatred of all other parts of the country.

Eugenic views are now the norm on the Right, and the historical record is rewritten completely in order to make it appear as if the Conservatives in general and Thatcher in particular had always been opposed to the EU and to climate change hysteria. The reality is that she was not and that they still are not.

She was the first world leader ever to sign up to that alarmism, she organised energy policy accordingly by closing the pits, and the encomia from James Delingpole and Daniel Hannan, who is usually better and who is also an advocate of withdrawal from the EU and of the the return of the whole of Ireland to membership of the United Kingdom, have been quite beyond parody. Charles Moore also has questions to answer on all three of those points: on climate and energy, on Europe, and on Ireland.

In fact, when the entire Parliamentary Labour Party recently voted for a real terms cut in the British contribution to the EU Budget, the number of Conservatives who did so was smaller than the total number of Lib Dem MPs.

Due to the trade union link, Labour is committed both to nuclear power and to coal. It is the Conservatives who want to pay their tax-avoiding elves and their tax-avoiding relatives obscene sums of taxpayers' money in order to have windfarms. In other words, pay their own class and their own core supporters huge amounts of everyone else's cash in order to do little or nothing. And that in the name of Greenery. Not the Left. The Right.

Thatcher was also the first woman to sit as an MP while the mother of very young children, whom she palmed off to a nanny paid for by her millionaire husband. How very pro-family. A housewife? She never did a stroke of housework in her life. There is no evidence that she really did "know the price of milk" at any point after her marriage at the age of 26.

Allegiance to a foreign power is now not only peculiar to the Right, but definitive of it, and at least the people to whom the Communist Party (or, far better placed, the Right Club) owed their overriding loyalty were in fact running the Soviet Union (or Nazi Germany).

You are only allowed in today's Right Club if you pledge your life to the people who no longer run the United States and who never will again. Along with, it is true, the Far Right that is most unfortunately in power in Israel. A State created by anti-British terrorists within living memory. Not the Left. The Right.

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