Thursday 7 March 2013

The Way Things Are

Rod Liddle is onto something here:

There doesn’t seem to be much of a point in an EU which treats some of its members as sort of honorary sub-Saharan Africans and consequently deprives them of the benefits of freedom of movement which are enjoyed by the nice countries which are full of people who are properly white.

If you wish Romania and Bulgaria to be members of the EU, then afford them precisely the same treatment you would mete out to, say, Denmark or Luxembourg.

But there does not seem to be much of an appetite in Berlin or Amsterdam for this expansive and inclusive approach any more. There was once, but not now — not with the way things are.

We have been here before. Southern, Central and Eastern Europeans (including Jews), and to an extent Irish Catholics, used to be regarded as not "properly white", and certainly not as "nice", in the supposedly "expansive and inclusive" United States.

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