Saturday 2 March 2013

The Story of This Week

Being the name of the programme on which John Prescott, Deputy Prime Minister at the time and Tony Blair's formidable fixer behind the scenes, said that the war in Iraq had been wrong.

"I go over it in my head, trying to justify it. But it cannot be justified as an intervention."



  1. But some people never learn,

  2. It never quite seems to get through to Cohen that removing Saddam was neither here nor there.

    Blair told the Commons that he was more than willing to see Saddam remain in office, just so long as he got rid of the weapons that he now indisputably did not have.

    And in any case, Iraq is at best no better off without him.

  3. "And in any case, Iraq is at best no better off without him."

    Tell that to the Kurds. Just try it.

  4. Gladly.

    You are a man of very recent political consciousness. And it shows.

  5. I happen to share a street with two families of Iraqi Kurds, as it happens.

    I don't support the war-but I know full well which dispensation they prefer.

    It ain't the last one.

  6. But the plural of anecdote is not data.

    And why are they living over here, then? When did they arrive? Was it before, or after, 2003?

  7. I'm not sure on what planet you'd have to reside on, to call Halabja an "anecdote".

    Or to presume the Kurds aren't happier governing themselves than being governed by Saddam.

    I'm not sure when they came here. I believe my barber's been in this country for twenty years but his cousins only moved a few years ago.

    One thing they all say is that Turkey was terrified of the US toppling of Saddam, because they knew it would reignite the Kurdish resistance over there.

    You, of all people, should support the Kurds-their plight was caused by your Labour Party.

    Labour disgracefully dispersed the Kurds and deprived them of a homeland, during Attlee's headlong scuttle from our responsibilities, possibly the worst crime in British imperial history.