Friday 15 March 2013

The Holy Father, Not The Sugar Daddies

28 per cent of South African schoolgirls are HIV positive.

Read that over until it sinks it. Insofar as it quite can.

It is time for South Africa, and everywhere else which has not already done so, to abandon the catastrophe of condomania, and to listen instead to the Pope.


  1. Mr Lindsay, we don't actually know that the HIV rate is anything like as high as your initial sentence maintains. And we have considerable justification for concluding that it isn't.

    If the statistic were accurate, it would mean that heterosexual HIV transmission was increasing dramatically. In other words, behaving in the precise opposite fashion from what it has done in the West. But it isn't. It not only isn't, it never has done so. See Michael Fumento's once-famous book The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS. Which proves, if proof were needed, that such conditions are indeed the 'gay plague' that many of us spent the 1980s and 1990s pointing out that they were.

    I am a loyal Catholic myself, and I always was thoroughly opposed to condomania. But Third World countries (such as South Africa now is) are notorious for cynically classifying under the rubrics of 'AIDS' and 'HIV' various much less glamorous conditions, such as dysentery, pneumonia, and typhoid. Of course, dysentery, pneumonia, and typhoid don't inspire the West's cashed-up sob-sisters to cough up foreign aid the way that AIDS and HIV do.

  2. David,
    Do you mean AID's is spreading and has spread in spite of using protection?

  3. Neil W, no, it is very real there. Please note that there could not be closer ties than those between Cape Town and Saint Helena, which latter has never had a case of HIV infection. Not one. Ever.

    Moreover, the rate is in sharp decline in Botswana, also with strong links to South Africa. It can be done. It is about behaviour.

    Anonymous, yes, and not only there. What "protection"?