Wednesday 13 March 2013

PMQs: A Millionaire's Row?

Labour politicians are allowed to be rich, because they are nevertheless felt to be doing something to spread it around a bit. When they are positively posh, as many of them have been and as a few of them still are, then their party and the public alike find it positively endearing.

Them's the rules. Unfair, perhaps, but there we are. If Cameron doesn't know these things, then he doesn't know anything about politics. In any case, none of that comes close to having inherited £30 million and married a woman after whose family the City of Sheffield is named.

At least without selling his house (he has one, whereas Cameron owns three and has the use of another two), is Ed Miliband a millionaire, as Cameron suggested? I doubt it. I can't see how a second-generation academic,w hose parents were refugees when they came to this country and who himself became a full-time politician can ever have become a millionaire. Does Cameron assume that everyone is, just because he himself doesn't know anyone who isn't?

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