Monday 4 March 2013

Look Around

The Coroner's Inquest into the extremely peculiar death of the extremely peculiar Alexander Litvinenko ought indeed to be as public as possible.

Mind you, the Bear-baiting of those to whom the world only made sense in terms of the Cold War, as well as of those (often the same people) who resent things like the restoration of Christian teaching in schools or who have an ancestral grudge against Russia, is becoming increasingly tiresome.

There is much to be examined in, around and about the role of those with such a grudge in the waging of the Cold War against what was never a military threat to Western Europe, still less to the faraway United States.

Now, how about an equally open and transparent Coroner's Inquest into the most suspicious death in the United Kingdom for a very, very, very long time? It is hardly believable that there has never been one into the death of Dr David Kelly. But there never has been.


  1. I'm surprised that a wet-nosed young journalist hasn't made a name for themselves exposing the exceptionally bizarre, and almost unprecedented, circumstances surrounding this case.