Wednesday 6 March 2013

Catastrophic Proportions, Indeed

We are now arming the people who are decapitating Syria's Christians and literally feeding their remains to the dogs. Dogs, one should add, are unclean in Islam. Those whom we are arming may as well be feeding the Christians to the pigs.

They are doing this in alliance with the invasion of that country by constitutionally Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and by the Islamist Government of NATO, and putatively EU, Turkey. And with the express approval of Oliver Kamm on a page provided by Rupert Murdoch. Both of whom doubtless would not wish the victims to be dead first. The Axis of Evil, indeed.

These are exactly the people who have banned women from the Gaza Marathon. Decapitating, and feeding to the dogs, exactly the people who embody the alternative, Arabist tradition, with its Christian roots. From one end of historic Syria (including Palestine) to the other, and beyond.

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  1. So much for the “draining of the swamp” theory of the supporters of the Iraq War. The swamp of jihad is only growing larger and engulfing more of the Greater Middle East as we speak, taking many lives in the process.