Friday, 28 September 2012

Using The Word

David Cameron has not used the word “referendum”. It would be a tactical master-stroke if that were instead to be promised by the only party ever to have held one on the Eurofederalist project, which is also the only major party ever to have fought a General Election on a commitment to withdrawal. The bluff of the Eurosceptical commentariat, and of the UKIP that promised to dissolve itself in 2010 if the Conservatives made this very pledge, would then be called. But the provision for it must be only the sixth clause of a six-clause Bill, the other five clauses of which would come into effect anyway.

First, the restoration of the supremacy of British over EU law, and its use to repatriate agricultural policy and to restore our historic fishing rights (200 miles, or to the median line) in accordance with international law. Secondly, the requirement that, in order to have any effect in the United Kingdom, all EU law pass through both Houses of Parliament as if it had originated in one or other of them. Thirdly, the requirement that British Ministers adopt the show-stopping Empty Chair Policy until such time as the Council of Ministers meet in public and publish an Official Report akin to Hansard. Fourthly, the disapplication in the United Kingdom of any ruling of the European Court of Justice or of the European Court of Human Rights unless confirmed by a resolution of the House of Commons, the High Court of Parliament.

And fifthly, the disapplication in the United Kingdom of anything passed by the European Parliament but not by the majority of those MEPs certified as politically acceptable by one or more seat-taking members of the House of Commons. Thus, we should no longer be subject to the legislative will of Stalinists and Trotskyists, of neo-Fascists and neo-Nazis, of members of Eastern Europe’s kleptomaniac nomenklatura, of neoconservatives such as now run Germany and until lately ran France, of people who believe the Provisional Army Council to be the sovereign body throughout Ireland, or of Dutch ultra-Calvinists who will not have women candidates. Soon to be joined by Turkey’s Islamists, secular ultranationalists, and violent Kurdish Marxist separatists.

Ed Miliband and Jon Cruddas, over to you.


  1. Flying kites again. Dropping very broad hints about what you already know. Keep it up.

  2. He will, don't worry. *Everyone* who matters reads this site and some closely related other ones. It drives the losers round the bend but their days are over. As Neil Kinnock said when the leadership result was announced "We've got our party back." (I was there.) We will keep it while Mr. Lindsay and certain others remain ever so slightly semi-detached and holding the party to account, keeping it on the right track with material like this post.