Thursday, 20 August 2009

Scandalous Non-Scandals

One “David 2” has frequented this place, suggesting that I may be sued for alluding to the facts of Harriet Harman’s (and Patricia Hewitt’s) past ties to the Paedophile Information Exchange and to Paedophile Action for Liberation. Hewitt, please note, went on to become Health Secretary, with overall responsibility for every social worker in England.

Mr 2 is clearly a regular reader, neither of this blog, nor of The Daily Telegraph. After, as a comment yesterday pointed out, many years of detailed exposure on the letters pages of perfectly respectable ecclesiastical publications, this is now mainstream news.

When Hatty and Patty were running the old National Council for Civil Liberties, it was utterly hand-in-glove with the old Campaign for Homosexual Equality, which by a remarkable coincidence shared with the PIE a single address, committee, bank account, the lot. Hatty’s name appears on several pro-pederast documents from the time.

The scandal is that it is not a scandal.

But then, nor is, for example, the fact that Alan Milburn’s only ever job was running a Trotskyist bookshop which doubled up as a centre of illegal drug distribution.

On the Harman-Paedophile matter, a very prominent pro-life and pro-family campaigner recently put it to me that “They’ve got everything they ever wanted, anyway”. So they have. For all practical purposes, the age of consent is now 13. Sex between adults and at least secondary school age children is glorified as mainstream entertainment. And we all know how this has come about. Don’t we, Hatty?

Likewise, Milburn’s “Haze of Dope” crowd has also “got everything they ever wanted, anyway”. Again, we all know how.

No one will ever be sued for saying any of this. I guarantee it. As much as anything else, they certainly never have been up to now. And we all know why not. Don’t we, Hatty?

As for the other side, let’s just say “George Osborne” and leave it at that. For now, at any rate.


  1. "Sex between adults and at least secondary school age children is glorified as mainstream entertainment. "

    You and I have very different notions of entertainment, my friend.

  2. Yes, I do have very different idaes from the makers of Queer As Folk, Shameless, Clapham Junction...