Saturday, 20 June 2009

War Will Be Their Fault

The Western media are like tweedy ladies who couldn't believe that Tony Blair won elections, or their own Eighties selves who couldn't believe that Margaret Thatcher won elections, just because they personally didn't know anyone who would vote that way.

Claims are being bandied about of turnouts in excess of one hundred per cent and such like. Only declared opposition sources are saying these things. But, of course, they are duly being reported as fact by the BBC et al, who are too bone idle to leave the faaaashionable dinner tables of North Tehran.

If there is a war, then it will be their fault.


  1. So you think Haleh Afshar was delightful?? Perhaps you don't realise what a liar she is:

    Did you read that or are you just a cock?

  2. Lindsay, I hope your illness comes back and kills you.

    Also, I believe it will. You won't live to 40.

  3. According to a recent article by James Petras ( two thirds of young Iranians are too poor to even own a computer, much less spend all hours Twittering in English.

    We shouldn't be too surprised about Auntie. John Leyne, the BBC's correspondent has in the past made rather partial remarks about the need for privatisation of Iran's nationalised industries - it's no doubt these views, which are openly expressed by opposition figures, helped seal the incumbent's victory.

  4. Charlie, very many thanks indeed.

    Anonymous, gosh but I am proud of my enemies.

    Azarmehr, those who lied us into war in Iraq are not reliable sources of information.

    I was recently seated next to Baroness Afshar at a dinner and she was, indeed, delightful. One of the striking number of old Hard Leftists in the Lords, but a great fan of Prince Charles from when she used to go round to his room at Cambridge and sell him the Socialist Worker.