Tuesday, 16 June 2009

It Couldn’t Happen Here…

I didn’t want Ahmadinejad to win, and I certainly don’t put it past him to have rigged the election. But at least such rigging would have been the old-fashioned kind.

Here in Britain, we could never have a situation in which the faaaashionable persons took to the streets at the (real or apparent) victory of a candidate favoured by the poor, the workers and the country-dwellers instead. Such a victory could never happen in the first place, because such a candidate could never exist in the first place, thanks to Fleet Street and the BBC, not to mention the Electoral Commission.

No wonder that Auntie is so sympathetic towards the rioters. Iran clearly needs her to sort things out.

And how dare those proles and rustics fail to vote as directed by the opinion polls conducted only among the Tehran Twinklies! It couldn’t happen here…

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