Thursday, 18 June 2009

Queen Bea?

Much merriment that Beatrix Campbell has accepted the OBE.

But I for one am surprised that she hasn’t been given a peerage, since the House of Lords now contains any number of utterly unrepentant old sectarian Leftists of a certain generation.

Mind you, so does the Government.

And so does David Cameron’s circle, a Rippentrop-Molotov cocktail of old Hard Rightists from the Eighties (plenty of whose mentors are now in the Lords, too) and the future Lord Mulgan, who managed to straddle the worlds of Trotskyism and the Communist Party.

After all, both the sectarian Left and the sectarian Right were at once fogeyish and modish, and at once totalitarian and libertine. While one was in the pay of the Soviet Union, and the other was in the pay of apartheid South Africa and Pinochet’s Chile, both were agitating at home for the legalisation of heroin and cocaine use, of sex with children, and of all manner of other abominations certainly not tolerated in those days in Moscow, Pretoria or Santiago.

Indeed, both were behaving exactly as if that legalisation had already taken place. As, for all practical purposes, it now has.

They are the masters now.


  1. Beatrix Campbell...

    Is that the Peter Rabbit lady?

  2. Let's keep rabbits out of it, shall we?

  3. That's what Mr McGregor said. And look where it got him.

  4. Chairman of the Coal Board.

    But he's dead now.

    Back on-topic, please.

  5. Ties in with your post on Bob McCartney.

  6. Yes, I suppose it does.

    May Blood is there, but apart from that who is flying the flag? Paul Bew, of the British & Irish Communist Organisation turned Henry Jackson Society?

    A peerage for McCartney, voice of pro-Labour Unionism and pro-Union Labourism, and defender of the grammar schools? An excellent idea.

  7. They never did give you that peerage.

  8. The letter basically said that they had had a lot of applications from people like me, and that the other applicants had been more distinguished. That is perfectly possible.

    So I can only assume that the next round of appointments will be replete with people from the North East, people who went to state schools, people with non-Oxbridge degrees, people born in the remaining British Overseas Territories generally and Saint Helena in particular, self-identifying mixed-race people, and people who represent a return to the days when young men inherited their fathers' seats and a few posthumous sons even took their seats at 21 (not an age for which I am in any danger of being mistaken) because they had inherited at birth.

    Oh, and replete with pro-life, pro-family, pro-worker, anti-war, economically social democratic, morally and socially conservative British and Commonwealth patriots. Of course.

    There are certainly people more distinguished than I in each of those categories. I will be looking out for them. So should you.

  9. For the ridiculous "Lady" Blood, we can blame the ridiculous Saint Mo Mowlam.....a woman who lied to my face.
    For "Lord" Bew......
    From Campbell College to "there were only 50 of us at Burntollet" of the Peoples Democracy to speech writer in chief for "Lord" the House of Lords.

    At least he still tells his students to "Call me Paul"....even though they have no intention of calling him anything else.

  10. The letter basically said that they had had a lot of applications from people like me, and that the other applicants had been more distinguished. That is perfectly possible.

    But wildly unlikely.

    Frankly, I'd sue them for defamation.

  11. Oh, I intend to do a lot better than that. Where are the people to whom they referred? I know. But do they?