Thursday, 12 August 2021

No, She Went Of Her Own Accord?

It was not David Lammy, or even Diane Abbott (as if she had such power), who made the decision to keep most of the intended passengers off that deportation flight to Jamaica. It was a judge. The Home Office had not filled in the paperwork properly, because it had assumed the right to deport people who looked like that. Rather than, say, Rolf Harris, or a known but blond Class A drug user who had been born outside the Commonwealth altogether. Lammy's point stands.

And I am not his biggest fan. He was given his parliamentary seat because Tony Blair thought that he was white. For the Tottenham by-election, one CV read, "SOAS, Harvard Law School, Archbishops' Council." Blair pictured David Cameron. The other read, "Widow of Bernie Grant." Sharon Grant was and is white, but Blair pictured a mammy doll. Guess which one was given the nomination.


  1. You are so right about Harris and Johnson, plus that Lammy story is priceless.