Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Not Extinction, But Rebellion

The coalfield communities are still called that because the coal is still there. A thousand years' worth of it. Yet, with a population larger than that of Scotland, they remain vastly worse off than the rest of the country by every index. So much for 10 years of the MP for Sedgefield as Prime Minister.

Extinction Rebellion may have been banned from London, but their skulls have not been cracked by mounted Police, who may or may not really have been the Police at all. That was what happened to the people who tried to save the United Kingdom's energy independence from oil in unstable places, to save its status as the world leader in clean coal technology, and to prevent the creation of a country within it, as large as several European states, but defined by extreme and unrelenting poverty, ill health, low educational attainment, heroin use to dull the pain, and so on.

All the while, though, the coal has still been there. A thousand years' worth of it. Another hung Parliament is coming, and we need our people to hold the balance of power in it. A new party is now in the process of registration. After nearly 30 years of suggestion, speculation, and even a sort of preparation, I will stand for Parliament here at North West Durham. The crowdfunding page is here, and buy the book here. Please email Very many thanks.

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