Sunday, 28 April 2019

Who Set Up Roger Scruton?

The Government did.

It knew what would happen, and this was the opportunity to silence criticism of neoliberal economic policy, of the extreme identitarian social policy from which that is inseparable, and of the neoconservative foreign policy of which Scruton himself is insufficiently critical, but which is utterly bound up with the other two.

Within the Conservative Party, the audience for such a critique is negligible. But that party was no part of the target audience here. This hit was intended as a message to the Blue Labour that, via the Lexit movement, has become increasingly allied to sections of the base of support for Jeremy Corbyn, so that it now has at least as much access to him as any Marxist theorist has. That was who this whole business was intended, by the Government, to shut up and to shut down.

Another hung Parliament is coming, however, and we need our people to hold the balance of power in it. It has become a local commonplace that I am on 30-30-30 with Labour and the Conservatives here at North West Durham, so that any one of us could be the First Past the Post. I will stand for this seat, if I can raise the £10,000 necessary to mount a serious campaign. Please email Very many thanks.

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