Friday, 25 January 2019

Poster Boys?

There has been a furious reaction in certain quarters to my earlier post on the Covington Boys. 

This whole business, whatever the rights and wrongs of it, has turned them, and especially Nick Sandmann, into poster boys for a lot people who really are very nasty indeed. 

Those people think that the Covington Boys were engaged in the conduct alleged against them, and they applaud them for that.

At 17, or thereabouts, those thus applauded are highly susceptible. And these days, it is all just the push of a button away.

If, 10 years on from their famous March for Life, some of them were posting on eugenicist websites, then they would have been failed, and that would be someone's fault. But it could very easily happen.

In fact, based on the responses that I have had this afternoon, I pretty much guarantee that at least one of the Covington Boys will have fallen into that cesspit before he was 30.

And the American pro-life movement, one of the most spectacularly unsuccessful political movements of all time, will be to blame.

As, it must be said, will be the Catholic Church.

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