Monday, 28 January 2019

Lost In The Post?

Waffle from the Post Office that the English language means whatever they say that it means, regardless of the clear grammatical meaning of a text. I suspect that I am not alone in having been treated to this. 

They obviously had no idea that anyone would try and participate in the second consultation, and they are in no mood to deal with anyone who does. So we do seem to have lost Lanchester Post Office. But at least we tried.

In 2021, do not vote for any County Council candidate in this ward who had not fought this fight to the end. Do vote for the best placed candidate who had. 

That will not be me, by the way. I will not contest this ward again while Ossie Johnson is still alive. That could be another 30 years, and it will probably be another 15.

Even in 2017, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats fielded candidates who lived miles away, who did not even put out a leaflet, and who did not even turn up to the count.

But if Ossie and whoever were his running mate next time did indeed sail into the first and second spots in 2021, then expect uncontested elections in 2025, in 2029, and until the day that Ossie died. 

Who would bother to contest them? Who would have nothing better to do than to be humiliated like that? And is that how Lanchester wants to end up?

I am no Lib Dem. But Martin Walker, Champion of the Post Office, over to you.

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