Thursday 15 November 2018

Unsafe Space

If the Oxford Union will not have Steve Bannon and give him the same hell that it would give anyone else, then what is the point of the Oxford Union?

But Bannon would be more than welcome to come to North West Durham and debate against me and the audience.

We have a lot of working-class white men in these parts, so what would he be so afraid of?

He might prefer a classier venue (so much for the working-class white men, then), but the classier venues are refusing to host him.

Any other parliamentary candidate for North West Durham who felt like gracing the platform would also be more than welcome.

Their absence would speak at least as forcefully as anything that they might turn up and say.

Steve Bannon's people, please email, and let's do this.


  1. Would you also bring The Outsiders, the show with Ken Livingstone and George Galloway, to this constituency?