Thursday 15 November 2018

Deal With It

Conservative resignations and rebellions are academic. There was already no majority for the Brexit deal.

Every non-Conservative MP was going to vote against it, and those comprise the overall majority of the House of Commons. Anything more is decoration.

Especially when it comes from a political tendency, the Conservative Right, that would lose its deposit in every constituency if it put up as itself.

On last night's Newsnight, Iain Dale, who is one of the closest allies of David Davis, said that in a second referendum, in a choice between this and Remain, then even Remain would be preferable. Quite.

But Theresa May would sail through a confidence vote among Conservative MPs. There is no way that 159 of them are going to vote against her.

We are back to John Redwood's comical Leadership challenge in 1995, with a strikingly similar cast of characters, telegenic if you like that kind of thing, but nothing more than that.

Nor, so long as Theresa May kept the money flowing, would there be any reason to assume that the DUP would vote against the Government on a Motion of Confidence.

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