Monday 12 November 2018

A New Century Begins Today

I want to be wrong about this, so try and convince me.

No one, except perhaps people who have been in the Armed Forces, sees Remembrance Sunday as about anything later than 1945.

They could carry on having it among themselves, but in the public realm it is completely out of control, a "remembrance" of things that there will very soon be no one left who remembered. 

As for the wars of the present century, who even wants to remember those, as a public act? Only the people who want to agitate for repetitions of them. 

Also, note that Jeremy Corbyn's poppy, though smaller than Theresa May's, will have cost more, since his was metal and sold at a fixed price, whereas hers was paper and costs only so much more than a penny as anyone can be bothered to pay. 

In fact, she herself probably did not pay for it at all.

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