Friday, 6 April 2018

Spoilt Views

Concrete may or may not be ugly, but it certainly does not go up in flames. Nor is cladding visible from inside the building.

Grenfell Tower, and however many others like it, have been turned into fire hazards so that people who would never have dreamt of setting foot in them did not have their views spoilt.

That is also why, until recent days, no one outside the localities had bothered to report the spike in knife crime in the parts of London and other cities where that has been taking place.

When Theresa May eventually visited Grenfell Tower, then she refused to meet any survivors. She has apparently repeated the trick in Tottenham, and this time without even taking a film crew with her.

But she made very sure that she was both filmed and reported when she selfied and fist-bumped her way around Salisbury, which was pretty, mostly quite prosperous, overwhelmingly white, and fatality-free.

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