Monday, 30 April 2018

Back To Where They Came From?

Identity cards. I told you. It is always identity cards. Like they have in France, or Belgium, or the Netherlands, none of which has any problems either with terrorism, which was the last excuse, or with immigration, which is the latest excuse. No, of course they don't. The very idea.

The Windrush scandal has demonstrated that the British never did hold the views on immigration that were attributed to them by politicians who thought that the Internet ranters against "race replacement" were normal and representative. But then, we all knew that, anyway.

In 2005, the Conservatives went very hard indeed on immigration. They managed the remarkable feat of being beaten by Tony Blair even after the Iraq War. In 2010, at the first outing of the "tens of thousands" target, they unexpectedly failed to win an overall majority. 

In 2015, Labour went harder on immigration than the Conservatives did, and Labour was unexpectedly defeated. In 2017, against a very different Labour Party indeed, a Conservative Party led by the Home Secretary who had created the "hostile environment" lost its overall majority. And in between those General Elections, the EU referendum had been decided in the wrong places for immigration to have been the decisive issue.

Identity cards are a wedge issue between Corbynites and Blairites, so watch out for that. But when the nation's choice of Home Secretary is between Sajid Javid and Diane Abbott, then the right wings of both main parties have come exist purely as objects of ridicule. Their respective Party Leaderships are pointing and laughing at them as they chortle that, "You have nowhere else to go." How particularly stupid and silly the Labour Right now looks, the likes of John Woodcock and Jess Phillips, who defended Amber Rudd to the bitter end.

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