Thursday, 26 April 2018

How She Used What She Learned

Heidi Alexander signed up for five years, not until she got a better offer. The Labour Right can sometimes seem determined to prove the Left's point that they are careerists and nest-featherers. If you or I were a constituency MP, then we would too busy to be looking for other work. Why isn't she? 

Apparently, she was at Durham at the same time as I was. But I cannot remember her, and I knew all the political crowd, from Mark Clarke to Jonathan Ashworth. I shared a house with Tom Hamilton for a year. Does any of them remember her, I wonder? Tom was at the same college. Anyway, there we are. She rose without trace, and she seems to be falling without trace as well. 

Who gets the Labour nomination to replace her is still a story, though. South East London? How about the man who introduced Doreen and Neville Lawrence to Nelson Mandela?

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