Monday, 9 April 2018

See Through The Smoke

If Americans had wanted war with Russia and Iran in Syria, then they would have elected Hillary Clinton. 

Yet Donald Trump there, and the Corbyn Is Always Wrong To Ask For Evidence mob in Britain, are siding with IS and al-Qaeda. Why does Israel never bomb those? I mean that as an entirely serious question. 

If it had not been for Assad, Putin and Iran, then IS and al-Qaeda would already have taken over Syria years ago. But when Priti Patel went to Israel, then she tried to divert British aid money to an IS field hospital in the Golan Heights. Why is Israel treating IS and al-Qaeda fighters?

On the brink of victory, welcomed as liberating heroes on the streets of Douma and Eastern Ghouta, why on earth would the Syrian Army have set off a chemical weapon? Don't believe a word of it. And remember that those of us who do not believe a word of it have been right over, and over, and over again in the past.

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