Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Monsters and Maniacs

Russia did not abuse its veto on the UN Security Council. Russia exercised its veto on the UN Security Council. It put that veto to the purpose for which it exists.

There is much on which to disagree with Julian Lewis, but he did well on Newsnight. Both sides in Syria are unacceptable, although only one is a threat to Britain, and that is not Assad's. One side is made up of "monsters", the other of "maniacs". When pushed that he had voted for the Iraq War, he replied that, "I did, and I made a mistake."

Even Charlie Falconer could not disagree with him. Of course, the BBC could have had on someone from the Official Opposition to make all of these points, but let's not ask for the earth.

The Today programme, however, did find space for someone called Emma Reynolds, who came across as a spoof, but who, not unrelatedly, had held some position or other in the weird little world of the pre-Corbyn Labour Party, with its Buggins' turn system among interchangeable nonentities.

The obvious reply to Reynolds would be to suggest that she be treated as those whom she would wish to assist treat their enemies, by having her heart cut out. But her desire to assist them demonstrates that she has no heart to cut out. Bring on a Commons vote, which will furnish the definitive list of these monsters and maniacs.

They will turn out to be the same ones that have sided with the Government in opposing into the Saudi war in Yemen the independent investigation that Theresa May now demands into the latest events in Syria. Their new party cannot possibly present itself too soon to the judgement of the electorate.

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