Thursday, 12 April 2018

Don't Be Poisoned

Within the last hour, Craig Murray has tweeted:

OPCW will produce a complicated report on why the origin of the Salisbury attack cannot be determined. The UK govt will fillet it for individual phrases that out of context implicate Russia, issue a press release and the corporate and state media will scream "It was the Russians" 

The obvious possibility is one of the countries or other parties in conflict with Russia and wishing to damage Russia's reputation. That includes Ukraine, Georgia, ISIS and other assorted jihadists, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the US and UK. To name a few. There are other possibilities 

Oh look. BBC running with precisely the same propaganda line OPCW confirm "same TYPE OF nerve agent as identified by UK" and the OPCW website has been crashed so we cannot read the actual report. 

The lying bastards from the BBC are absolutely scraping the dregs of the propaganda barrel now. 

A couple of hours ago, Murray also tweeted:

Fascinating that the overwhelming majority of trolls I have come across on twitter supporting the "bomb Syria/Russia poisoned Skripal" line are not Tories but Blairites, also displaying #FBPE. How did #FBPE come to mean "How dare you doubt Boris"?

Quite. Meanwhile, support for this Government has also come to mean "Haw dare you doubt the BBC". The BBC, which has not asked why there is a summary that we are allowed to read and a full report that we are not allowed to read, a summary that does not name the supposedly identified nerve agent. The BBC, which itself must not be questioned. Think on.

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