Tuesday, 10 April 2018

20 Years On

Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern: I am amazed that Gerry Adams, who is used to the Queen, can bring himself to appear in such disreputable company. 

Clinton and Blair have body counts that make that of Her Majesty's other house guest and lunching companion, the late Martin McGuinness, seem scarcely worth the mention that it now so very rarely receives. Clinton, Blair and Ahern all have, shall we say, issues with money that put far into the shade anything that might ever have happened in Northern Ireland.

But way back in 1998, did any of us imagine that the composition and conduct of the British Government would come to be subject to the electoral arithmetic between two parties neither of which could have kept its deposit then, or could keep its deposit now, in any constituency in England, Scotland or Wales? Where is the sovereignty there? 

I am very glad that the DUP has blown the case for austerity out of the water. But from the Right's perspective, that only compounds my point. Rather like the monarchy, what do you get out of Northern Ireland? What has it ever done for you?

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