Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Test Tube Test

Germaine Greer has been saying it for years. What else that cost as much as IVF but which had such a failure rate – frankly, it doesn’t work – would be available on the NHS?

Add to that the fact that each year, 80 women who have become pregnant through IVF have abortions. Read that one over again.

Meanwhile, NaProTech, Natural Procreative Technology, is an ethical, healthy and far more successful alternative to IVF.

Unlike in IVF, in NaProTech no embryonic children are killed or exposed to harm in the laboratory, and couples’ relationships are strengthened.

As they are also strengthened by Natural Family Planning. That is more effective than anything else if it is taught properly, as is admitted even by the World Health Organisation, which is hardly a Vatican puppet.

It involves no poisoning of women in order to make them permanently available for the sexual gratification of men, it can only be practised by faithful couples, and those practitioners almost, if almost, never divorce.

Likewise, it is adult and cord blood stem cell research that yields real results. Embryonic stem cell research has never produced anything. Literally nothing at all.

Yet adult and cord blood stem cell research struggles to secure funding. So much for science as what works. It only works if anyone is prepared to pay for it rather than for quackery.

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