Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates of the North Sea

Of course Jeremy Corbyn has refused to take sides in Venezuela.

On Sunday, a military base was stormed in a direct attempt to stage a coup by the side favoured by the CIA's ostensibly British media and by those media's pet Labour MPs, people who could not tell you which language was spoken in Venezuela.

Following Blair himself, Blairites are the most uneducated class of politician that you could ever come across. They take positive pride in it. They are the people who used to beat up readers at school. For 10 years, this country had the pleasure of being run by them. The effects of that are still very much in evidence.

Corbyn, on the other hand, is a fluent speaker of Spanish (it's Spanish, by the way) and a true expert on Latin America, an expertise that is not uncommon on the Hard Left but almost completely unknown anywhere else in British politics.

Margaret Thatcher thought that the Falkland Islands were only three days' sailing from the United Kingdom, and she had been about to sell to Argentina at a knocked down price the ships that she suddenly had to send against that country because it had taken her at her word and moved in.

Thatcher, however, was a foreign policy specialist compared to Theresa May, who literally neither knows nor cares anything about anywhere outside the Thames Valley, to the extent of having given the Foreign Secretaryship to Boris Johnson, of all people.

The amount of fuss that is being made about Venezuela constitutes an overt declaration that the coup there is the CIA's dry run for Britain under the Corbyn Premiership that is now universally recognised as being inevitable.

After all, the then Chief of the Defence Staff announced on television on Remembrance Sunday 2015 that such a coup would be staged, and neither his successor nor anyone else has ever resiled from that.

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