Monday, 19 March 2012

Free The Ladies In White

The American blockade of Cuba serves only to attract sympathy to a regime which does not deserve it, the country to which one ought to move if one wants a government which persecutes homosexuality, and perhaps most notable as the model for Britain’s impregnable pseudo-comprehensive schools by means of which the real, but vigorously self-denying, ruling class perpetuates itself from generation to generation.

The Cuban pretend-exiles are in fact economic migrants and free to go back any time they like. Far from being conservative, they merely wish to restore the Cuba that existed before 1959, a giant drug den and brothel for the American super-rich.

Now that there is no longer an Administration full of people who have never recanted their Trotskyism, President Obama ought to lift that blockade.

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  1. Your comment regarding pre-Castro cuba is true albeit without giving the whole pictue. A 1957 Int'l Labour Organisation report noted:

    "One feature of the Cuban social structure is a large middle class. Cuban workers are more unionized (proportional to the population) than U.S. workers. The average wage for an 8-hour day in Cuba in 1957 is higher than for workers in Belgium, Denmark, France and Germany. Cuban labor receives 66.6 per cent of gross national income. In the U.S. the figure is 70 per cent, in Switzerland 64 per cent. 44 per cent of Cubans are covered by Social legislation, a higher percentage than in the U.S."

  2. But there would be none of that under the present Miami lot.