Sunday, 25 March 2012


Gosh, who'd have thought it? Especially of the Heirs to Blair.

But remember, the real scandal is trade union funding of the Labour Party. The party that now has the eight-point lead enjoyed by John Major when the votes were cast in 1992, and which is therefore on course for the 20-seat overall majority that he received.

Conservative support was underestimated because people were reluctant to own up to it. Yet, in the privacy of the polling booth, they still saw that party as the last line of defence, against a profoundly alien and hostile elite, of everything by which the majority culture defined itself.

Faced with the Blairite assault on the NHS, on national pay agreements, on the Post Office, on the road network, on the countryside, on the remaining specialness of Sunday, and on the institution of marriage, something very similar now obtains. Except that Labour's starting figure in the polls now is as high as the Conservatives' finishing figure at the polls then.

Blairism, including its banana republic method of governing, is going to be wiped off the electoral and political maps in 2015. If its enemies all hold their nerve and all vote, in many cases for the first time in their lives, for the only party capable of beating the Heir to Blair.