Friday, 23 July 2010

"Free" Of Whom? We All Know That One

Toby Young was none too pleased when I posted a comment on one of his blog posts about "free" schools, accurately describing them as "whites only". But that is the whole point of them, at least in London, the only place where any of them is ever going to be set up, if it ever happens even there.

I hope that he enjoys his prosecution for racial hatred; don't bet against it, because there are no lengths to which some people will not go in order to scupper this ruinous scheme, which Young could not and cannot deny was originally dreamt up by David Miliband, as was the GP privatisation programme, and as was the Big Society.

Young could share a cell with Michael Gove, an old cheerleader for apartheid South Africa and now a big noise in the Henry Jackson Society, another stalwart of which campaigns for that regime's restoration. Meanwhile, Gove is the subject of Freedom of Information proceedings in relation to the funding of the New Schools Network. How about something under race relations as well? One thing at a time...

Oh, and remember Gove as Defender of the Faith on The Moral Maze, complete with the ferocious anti-Catholicism that caused Parliament to confer on Edward VI that title revoked from his father by the Pope? Where is the requirement for Christian RE and collective worship in these schools maintained wholly at public expense? The last attempt to get rid of all that was by Margaret Thatcher. She was seen off by a cross-party alliance in the Lords. One to watch.

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