Thursday, 29 July 2010

Five Days?

My eight-thousandth post.

For which no subject could be better than the One-Party State of Britain on the basis of the extremist, unpopular "Centre Ground".

It looks increasingly as if, far from there having been "five days that changed Britain", the deal between Cameron and Clegg was done well before the Election. Cameron recognised, as this blog used to be pilloried for pointing out, that a Conservative overall majority was psephologically impossible, exactly as has turned out to have been the case.

In any event, he favoured and favours the latest in the long line, definitive of the Conservative Party, of Liberal takeovers from the Westminster Village of the age-old Tory machine in the country at large. The latest, and possibly the last: the overthrow and replacement of Toryism once and for all.


  1. Please rewrite the last paragraph as it doesn't make sense.

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  3. Why did you let the first one up?

  4. To make the case for grammar schools.

    But on topic, please.