Sunday, 25 July 2010

Election Spending Balls

Like Zac Goldsmith and Chris Huhne, Ed Balls overspent in securing his seat. Is it because there is one from each party that no one is reporting this story? Balls should have been out of the Labour Leadership contest, and Huhne out of the Cabinet, at least a week ago. What a spineless lot the media are.

Meanwhile, one for the "wouldn't it be lovely to have a Leader with a seat in the North East?" prattlers. A fat lot of good the last one did us, didn't he? But here is another one for you: who is going to be the Labour candidate at South Shields in 2015, when the vanquished David Miliband stands down? If you are not already, then start positioning yourselves. It should be very funny to watch.

Especially when you are all told to clear off because you have the wrong chromosomes and because you have shockingly ever exhibited the slightest interest in politics. And then there is the fact that all the boundaries are going to be different, as is the manner of counting the votes. Some of us have already cottoned on to that one. Have you?

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