Thursday, 24 December 2009

Worth Having?

Congratulations to the Republicans and to that appalling Lieberman person on securing a Senate Bill which the GOP, at least, voted against anyway, despite the fact that for their and his benefit it contained no public option, but instead made it compulsory to purchase private health insurance, even if you have to invoice the taxpayer to pay whatever premium the insurance company cares to demand.

Pro-life is paramount, and Obama has promised not to sign any Healthcare Bill without the principle that the House has enshrined in the Stupak Amendment. At the coming into effect of that Bill (i.e., of any Healthcare Bill worth sending to President's desk), abortion, though legal, will become practically unobtainable; factor in the Pregnant Women Support Act and it really would cease almost entirely in America. Although this could and would happen anyway, the final guarantee of it would be the public option. Like the Stupak Amendment, it must be there.

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