Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Two-Year "Degrees"

Where does one even begin?

There is not much to be said for European federalism or American hegemony. And if either of them allows this to happen here, when it is inconceivable either in the United States or on the Continent, then there will be nothing at all to be said for either.

There are too many universities in this country, with too many people at them. That is the problem. And it is certainly not confined to newer institutions.


  1. Doesn't Buckingham University (best rated by its students) do 2 year degrees?

  2. Who asked them? What do they know during or immediately after their degrees? It takes years to realise what you gained, or what you didn't, from university, especially from the undergraduate experience.

    Buckingham University is an entirely private institution. Allow that one to sink in. It will admit anyone who can pay. In fact, it is a pet project of the now rather aged Eighties Radical Right, who get to call themselves Professors and what have you by association with it.

    Then again, at American private universities, it takes four years to get one degree, and everyone does two.

  3. Indeed they do, David. It takes something like seven years to get a degree in Germany or Italy. The Scots will be right when they laugh themselves hoarse at the English and their two-year degrees.

    All for the sake of "what business wants," England and Wales will never again be taken seriously in academic terms anywhere in the world.

    Merry Christmas.