Wednesday, 27 February 2008

States Of Which You Approve?

I don’t agree with Peter Hitchens about capital punishment. But I defy those who do to explain why they agree with a practice now, as Hitchens sets out, most prevalent in China, Vietnam and Cuba. Are those states of which you approve?

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  1. The surprising thing in the article is that Hitchins wants the death penalty meeted out by a jury not of one's peers, but made up entirely of educated homeowners. He writes:

    "It is also a good argument for bringing back some sort of property or education qualification for juries, and abolishing majority verdicts. Nobody should be hanged except on a unanimous verdict of mature and educated people."

    We see from the US that the majority of murderers handed a death sentence are poor, black and uneducated. (the ones who cannot afford a proper defence). Hitchins reckons that these people can expect justice from 12 Mr(s) 4x4 in the drive, 1 Leafy Lane, Suburban Surrey. Sorry, he's wrong.