Sunday, 24 February 2008

Obama-Webb: A Sign To The World

The people (not the Political Class) of every other country in the Western world is crying out for the emergence in the United States of a coalition committed to the advancement of the great American middle and working classes on the basis of their common interests, including the protection of workers and consumers, family values, fair trade and fair tax, carefully controlled and strictly legal immigration, universal healthcare, constitutional checks and balances, Social Security, national security, environmental responsibility, energy independence, Civil Rights without discrimination, Second Amendment rights and responsibilities, foreign policy realism, America as an English-speaking country, and co-operation between government and private charity.

We long for the determined building up of such a majority at local, state and federal level, to set the tone for the building up of very similar majorities in our own countries.

Obama-Webb is the ticket to begin that process. Jim Webb and others, not least Republicans and Independents, who have come out for Obama indicate that, while a victorious McCain Coalition might be the beginning of such a movement (and John McCain is extremely unlikely to go around starting wars - it is not war veterans, but draft dodgers, who do that), a victorious Obama Coalition is bound to be that beginning, simply because of the composition that had made it victorious.


  1. If it happens, do you think you'll be able to take any of the credit?

  2. Alas not. I did predict it very early on, but that's just a matter of reading the signs.

  3. You're right, of course. I was sceptical about Obama at first. But I have seen Webb and other Reagan Democrats, Independents and Republicans line up behind him. And now I think that he offers real hope of restoring the Democratic Party that cared about God-fearing low-paid workers rather than pot-smoking heirs to millions.